Benefits of Mediation

Mediation, one of the Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism has the following benefits:

(1) Saves time: Mediation being a formal procedure is not bound by strict rules of law. The resolution to dispute being strictly dependent on the co-operation of the parties with a mediator results in outcomes within short span of time.

(2) Cost effective: Settlement of disputes through court proceedings is generally very expensive and overall costs can be highly predictable. Contrasted to this, mediation through court is less expensive. Infact the process of mediation in Supreme Court Mediation Centre is absolutely free of cost and parties do not have to pay anything for mediation.

(3) Amicable settlement of disputes: The mediation brings parties together and saves relations. Parties often form an opinion about the dispute and hold the other party guilty for the cause of dispute. In mediation, both the parties sit together and resolve their disputes amicably and peacefully.

(4) Confidential: One of the attributes of mediation is that the communication between the parties remain in the confines of four walls of the mediation room. Statements made to the mediator cannot be used for any purpose other than to assist the mediator in working out a resolution to the dispute.

(5) Convenient: Parties in mediation can to a great extent adjust the time, location and duration of proceedings.